Why Most Educated People are not Rich



Why are the most educated people not rich? There are several reasons why the many millionaires I know never obtained a university degree while some of the poorest people possess university education, even past PhD level.

It’s surprising that real estate investors never went to real estate class, hotel owners never pursued training in hotel management, bank owners never pursued business degree, and insurance owners never studied Actuarial Science in class. …and you wonder where graduates of these programmes fade to. Here is where they are.


University degree holders have self-inflicting ego.As boastful as they are, they won’t allow anyone to convince them into doing what can seem to demean their fake status.

Most degree holders have so much ego that they would rather sleep hungry than start a business that is perceived to be for non-degree holders.

Lack of diversification

The problem we have with our educated friends is that they don’t want to diversity their skills. For instance, a PhD holder would be employed by a company and forget about applying his skills in consultancy matters. If this Dr maximizes his knowledge, he will not be an average individual


Most educated people are ignorant. These guys have lived in class for too long that they aren’t aware of avenues to create wealth, for them making money means getting employed.

Too much time wastage

An individual will spend four years in undergraduate,2 years in masters and 5 years in PhD, meaning in 11 years he has not decided what he would do in life. All this time the learned friend is in school a certain guy who dropped out of class has been doing business and is now stable. When the PhD holder comes to search for a job, he will definitely knock at the school dropout company.

No entrepreneurial skills

Most university students are never trained on how to be entrepreneurs. They are taught how to look for employment and become loyal employees. At no time entrepreneurial topic will emerge when university students are in session.

We all know that most millionaires are businessmen and businessmen are entrepreneurs. With this fact, it’s hard for an employee to be rich.

Never ready to take risks

Since the most educated individuals are employees, quitting their jobs for business means risks. These people are allergic to risks and would do anything not to lose their jobs. On the other hand, millionaires are people who quit their jobs for risk ventures.

Not innovative

Educated people are not innovative especially in areas to do with business. They also fear stiff competition from people who never went to school.

What a degree person thinks of is to apply skills obtained from school in helping someone achieve their dream.