Strange Things that Happen to People When they Become Millionaires



When people become millionaires there are strange things that happen to them. It’s proven that once a person attains millionaire status, the following changes happen

Few friends

As one approaches millionaire status, he changes friends and ends up having a couple of friends that he trusts.

It’s common that rich people have not more than 2 friends, who they share quality time with. This is because this class of people has little time to entertain individuals who don’t add value to their life. If you find a rich man with lots of friend, be sure those are business partners.

Sometimes you hear people say, “this man has now forgotten has, he has little time for us”, they end up ending the friendship.

Little time for the family

Millionaires have little time for their families. This is because they are so engrossed to their work that they don’t have extra hours to spend with the loved ones. What these individuals do is create some few hours, usually past 10 pm which they dedicate to their families.

If you find yourself having too much time with your family, it means you aren’t busy….and idle people are poor

They become stingier

As people accumulate more resources, they become very selfish.

Millionaires are less generous and more individualistic. This character comes naturally because they have realized the negative impact of giving out their cash.

Millionaire don’t pay bills to the less fortunate, unless they are seeking political seats or want to take advantage of the poor to accumulate some wealth.


Millionaires become lonely and lonelier as their wealth grow. These people often separate themselves from the crowd, unless when addressing their employees and meetings.

Most millionaires divorce their families because they become they feel they need space to expand their empire. They believe a family can take too much of their time at the expense of their businesses.