What Do You Do when you marry someone you don’t Love?



Mary married a man she doesn’t love. She has shared her story and needs your help.

My name is Mary and I have a big issue. I got married in 2010 and I have three children, but I don’t love my husband.

It happened in 2010 when we were interns. One thing led to another and I became pregnant. My man was excited that he would become I father, I was too excited to welcome my baby. Little did I know this man won’t be the man I wanted in my life.

After I delivered my baby, John proposed we do a wedding. Since I had a kid, I agreed. We arranged the wedding in 2011 and became a couple.

Since 2011 I have been living with my husband and we have three children. But I have a big problem; I don’t feel him even if I try to pretend. Even if he buys me gifts, cars and anything good on this earth, I still feel I made the wrong choice.

What I have come to realize is that I was attracted to him due to infatuations. At that time I was naïve but over time I have realized there are other men who fit my desires.

John has not done anything bad to me but I feel extremely bored with him. Now I am seeking the best advice from you.

Best Answers


I had the same problem with my current husband. I managed to go to a counselor who rescued my marriage. At first I thought she could tell me to seek divorce but she explained the importance of keeping the union, arguing that every couple faces challenges but look for the best ways to fix things. The best advice she gave me was, “look at the positive side of your husband alone and leave the negative, otherwise no human being was created perfect”.


I was in the same scenario sometime back but I came to realize it was because we were so much used to each other that love faded away. When I got a transfer, we managed to resurrect our love-until now we are still together and I love her.I would suggest you give each other some space before you finally re unite-I don’t mean divorce, I mean occasionally moving away from each other for some weeks.

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