Some Kenyans are Heartless!!!See How Gladys Kamande is Suffering After Being Conned by Ndungu Nyoro’s Friends


It has emerged that Gladys Kamande is in ICU after people close to Ndungu Nyoro squandered the contributions Kenyans made.

The story was first highlighted on Facebook where unidentified person explained Glady’s miseries following Ndungu Nyoro’s refusal to cater for the hospital bill.Later,after Kenyans reacted to the post,Ndungu Nyoro cleared the air.Here is what Ndungu said:

“ I am always certain it was a conspiracy. How ungrateful can some people be? A group of unhappy friends teamed up, ropped in GLADYS KAMANDE and the game was done.

Target? I be removed as a signatory from funds raised by the public so that someone else can have a field day.

First they said Gladys was not treated because I refused to send money. I have attached a bill from BLK Hospital in India which I managed to get from the hospital yesterday. You can clearly see that she was treated and at the bottom of the bill they have indicated on the payments made.

They also said I’m holding Kshs 9M , I’ll attach later a bank statements showing all details. Last few weeks alone we did 3 withdrawals amounting to Ksks. 400, 000. This is the amount I demanded for accountability.

I have attached a second picture indicating the communication I got from hospital and the amount required. Somebody ask her how much we sent for this particular surgery. We withdrew the cash, gave it to her mother who confirmed to us it was sent.

We paid timely all her air tickets including her daughters. Now they have ganged up against me.

I hate dramas.

As soon as she can be able to respond to questions I would like her to answer the following…

We have so far sent 4.5M shillings for her treatment. The first trip we are able to get receipts accounting 1M, the second trip about 0.4M. Can she account for the rest? That’s my humble question.

I always say I’m open to questions, even now I’m ready.

But one thing is clear, when you approach me to assist you fundraise I’ll stick around until the funds are used for that particular purpose.

At some point she identified a plot of land worth Kshs 1.5M. I requested her to allow us go through treatment until the doctors give clean bill of health. She was unhappy but I thought that was the best option for now.

I am guilty as charged. I am guilty for demanding proper use of funds, on behalf of the contributors.

I know how difficult it is to convince people to sacrifice their cash only for it to be spent buying expensive things and showing off to the very poor contributors”.

Gladys is currently in ICU and is back to using oxygen tank. She has appealed to Kenyans to help her undergo treatment, saying the signatory in the money Kenyans contributed has failed to sign.It’s claimed Ndungu is the one responsible for Kamande’s miseries, but Ndungu has refuted the claims.