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SEEU Merit Based Scholarships (MBS)

South East European University (SEEU) aims, through merit-based scholarships (MBS), to support new students financially in the first cycle (undergraduate) who will enrol as full-time students in the academic year 2017/18.

This program aims to financially support future students who want to gain high quality and professional knowledge and skills through study programs at SEEU.

Criteria for awarding merit-based scholarships

Merit-based scholarships (MBS) will be awarded based on high school performance (cumulative GPA during the four years of education).

Cumulative GPA 5.00 (Scholarship amount 50% of tuition fees)

Cumulative GPA from 4.50 to 4.99 (Scholarship amount 30% of tuition fees)

Number of merit-based scholarships at SEEU

Merit – based scholarships (MBS) will be awarded to all enrolled students at SEEU, according to the Call for Student Enrolment in the academic year 2017/18, who meet the criteria of awarding merit-based scholarship.

Annual amount of the merit-based scholarship

[Group A]

tuition fee

[Group B]

tuition fee

Business and Economics(BE) (i) 900 EUR 540 EUR  
Contemporary Sciences and Technologies(CST) (ii) 900 EUR 540 EUR  
Law 650 EUR 390 EUR  
Public Administration and Political Sciences(PAPS) 650 EUR 390 EUR  
Languages, Cultures and Communication(LCC) 650 EUR 390 EUR  

Students who have completed their four-year secondary education and who, in their previous four (4) years of secondary education (first, second, third and fourth year), achieved excellent success with cumulative GPA from 4.50 to 5.00 are eligible to apply.
Candidates should submit:

  1. The completed application form for a merit-based scholarship
  2. Copies of the certificates for completion of the first, second, third and fourth year.

Application form

Renewal criteria of merit-based scholarship
Merit-based scholarships are continuous year by year and cover a 3 (three) year period of undergraduate studies.

Criteria for the continuation of a merit-based scholarshipafter the first and second year are as follows:

  • 60 ECTS gained at the end of each academic year.
  • Cumulativegrade point average (GPA) minimum 8.50 for the B category of the scholarship and cumulativegrade point average (GPA) minimum 9.00 for the A category of the scholarship.

Amount of the merit-based scholarship (after the first year)

Continuation of the scholarship (renewal) will be made after each academic year and depending on the achievedcumulative grade point average, the student will be awarded scholarships of the relevant category.


Category of scholarship Group A Group B
Cumulative grade point average 9.00 8.50
Annual scholarship in the faculties of BE and CST 900 EUR 540 EUR
Annual scholarship in the faculties of Law, PAPS and LCC 650 EUR 390 EUR
  • In the study programme Information Systems and Management annual scholarship in the Group A is 1000 EUR, and in the Group B is 600 EUR.
  • In the study programme Business Informatics annual scholarship in the Group A is 1000 EUR, and in the Group B is 600 EUR.

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