Swaziland Man Demands 24-Cow Dowry Back After Finding Out His Wife Wasn’t A Virgin


A man in Swaziland has demanded his 24-cow dowry after he discovered that his one day old wife was not a virgin after all.

Swazrtz Manyeva Dlamini, who is a teacher, angrily went to his brand new wife’s parents to demand the cows following a horrible night on Ruth Thembisile Sibiya,the wife.

Emotional, the man lamented: “I met Sibiya years ago and all along she has told me she was a virgin. Since I knew virgins are expensive to get, I paid a whopping 24 cows.

Yesterday night, while celebrating my new catch, I discovered men had been there-she was boring, cold and tasteless.

Today morning I made efforts to take back my cows, she is not my wife anymore”.

Sibiya,who was shocked by her husband’s claims said she had not make verbal warranty that she was a virgin. “Prior to our meeting, the plaintiff (Dlamini) fathered two children and as such was also not a virgin,” contended Sibiya. She further averred that it was not true that Dlamini did not know that she had slept with another man or that she was already three months pregnant on their wedding day.

She also denied that the cattle that were paid by Dlamini were nine in number and that they were payment for her purity and virginity.  Dlamini had claimed that he paid nine cattle and he is now demanding 24 cattle, being the progeny of the nine cows.

Giving a background of the matter, Sibiya stated that when the relationship between her and Dlamini started, she was a minor and his pupil at Ndzingeni High School.

She claimed that although she later changed schools, Dlamini persistently asked her to marry him to an extent that he involved her father. “After I completed school in 1995, Dlamini, who was far older than me, insisted that we get married but I refused to marry him since I wanted to pursue my studies,” submitted the defendant (Sibiya).