Advantages and Disadvantages of Enabling Comments on your Blog



What are the advantages and Disadvantages of enabling comments on your blog?

As you can see, our blog has not enabled comments, this is as a result of experience we had before. Before we discuss this, let’s now focus on the pros and cons of enabling comments on your blog.


SEO Ranking

The more the comments your blog receives the higher the rankings. I confirmed this in 2015 when I wrote an article that went viral. It was about career tips and I had articulated issues perfectly. In a single day, the blog received 2,113 comments. I was forced to enable all the comments and without promoting the post, it was ranked 1 in Google rankings, beating popular career blogs. There are also many articles I wrote that received thousands of comments and all the articles managed to shoot to position 1 in Google ranking. What does this mean, that if your article receives more relevant comments they will rank higher than those with less comments.

Able to understand what your readers want

Since readers have the opportunity to express themselves through comments, the website owner will be able to identify weaknesses, recognize readers’ interests, and consequently improve on the shortcomings.


Comments are more interactive than the post itself. In most cases, those who want to draw opinions from the article will move to the comment section to see the views of your readers. This is a plus to the website owners because they are able to engage readers in the conversation.


Resource utilization

Comments contribute immensely to bandwidth usage. The more comments your website attract the more bandwidth it uses.

Spam comments

Spam comments can make your website look crappy.It can also be prone to hacking.

Time consuming

Approving and replying to comments can result to time consuming. Imagine you have 1,000 comments that need to be approved. For you to approve all the comments, you must create time.

Reduce website earnings

I have a proof readers take more time on comments than other sections of the blog, with time they become blind to adverts. This happened to me when I had the comment section on  until I disabled it and earnings shot up.If you are using Taboola,AdSens,Outbrain,MGID,RevContent,Content.AD or other monetization programmes,you better disable the comments sections.