Home BUSINESS How can I get 1 million visitors/page views in my blog?

How can I get 1 million visitors/page views in my blog?



How can I get 1 million page views/visitors in my blog? This is the dream of every blogger both old and new.

Before I move to solutions, I would like to say something, that if your blog is three years old and you have tried all your best without attaining 1 million visitors per month, you better look for your passion elsewhere-blogging isn’t your passion. Having said that, I would like to reveal what individuals with viral blogs do different from bloggers whose websites have failed to grow.

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is the main determinant of your blog’s growth. Most blogs use the Blogger,Wordpress,Weebly or Joomla.Of all these,Wordpres stands out in  regards to SEO.More than three quarter of websites on earth use WordPress.So the first thing is to use WordPress CMS.


Keywords are the most important aspect of a blog. Most people search for information online through the use of key words. If it’s annuity, you must master key words in the niche, if it’s mortgage you must figure out what people will search online.If you aren’t good in using the key words on your blog, chances are that your blog won’t attain 1 million visits per month.

Select the best web hosting company

Web hosting company will greatly determine the growth of your blog.If the hosting company has weak servers, which has numerous downtime, your blog will be dead in few months. You see, any time your blog goes down, it deteriorates in ranking, search engines will mark it as not so useful for readers, hence pushed down in search results. This is the problem I faced with my blog when I selected a wrong hosting company, but since I joined Kinsta,the traffic surged beyond my expectations-it’s now receiving over 40,000 daily page views.

Viral content

Viral content is one that attracts the attention of thousands of readers. If you manage to write more viral content, your blog will receive even more than even 1 million visits per day.

Now figure out this, if you have 1,000 viral posts and each post receives 100 visits per day, that will make a total of 100,000 visits per day and 3 million visits per month. But to achieve this, you must excite your readers.

Share on social media

Another trick most people use is to share on social media, but I will assure you this is not the best method of achieving your dream. Social media will help you for some days but when your readers get used to your articles, they get bored and never bother to click on what you share. The only thing that can help you is if your articles are interesting to your readers.

Interesting articles

I know of a certain blog, fortunately it belongs to my online friend, This guy ,who joined blogging in 2013 has only 1,000 blog posts.Surprisingly,every blog he writes attracts at least more than 200,000 readers. The magic he uses is playing with key words and writing very interesting articles. If you pump into one of his articles and manage to take time reading it,I am sure you will more than like to read his next article.The man has captured the attention of anyone who cares to read articles online.

One of the greatest undoing of many bloggers is writing articles in a hurry, ending up being boring to the readers. What I have observed with readers is that if they read one of your articles and realize it’s boring, they will always ignore your subsequent articles no matter how much you share them.

Provide solutions

The best weapon you can have in blogging is ensuring to user your readers to satisfaction. If a reader was searching for a solution online and finds a solution in your blog without moving to the next blog, this reader will certainly come to your blog next time, or simply ignore other blogs and move straight to yours in the next visit when he realizes you have the same content.

Have a unique content

Success in blogging is simple: have a unique content. Period.

Post regularly

It’s a fact, the more you post the better. If you post regularly, at least 3 articles per day, there are high chances you will retain old readers and attract new ones. When you have a blog, you shouldn’t expect miracles to happen when you don’t have content.