My Workmate Touched Me Where I Didn’t Want, But I Told Him to Continue



This happened to me last week, I can’t believe I did it even though I am a Christian.

I am married with three children. I work in one of the insurance companies in Upper Hill. On Friday I did something silly. We were just from lunch and Chris, as usual he started joking. He told me, “please bring me that glass of water- We were just two in the room. As I was extending a hand to him, he pulled me close. “what are you doing”, I asked. He just continued.

In a split of a second, I found myself relaxed in his arms, not knowing how I found myself zero resistant. Alex touched where my husband has never touched me, I felt good.But as we were having fun, someone knocked on the door and as I was opening it.I found it was our tea girl who had brought tea to Alex.

In a hurry,Alex told her, “put it there and go”. But I could see the look in the girl’s face, suspicious.

We continued,,,and that Monday evening, I found  myself in Alex’s house.