How to Become a Successful Blogger in Kenya


How do I become a successful blogger in Kenya?How do I make millions as a blogger?

Blogging in Kenya is a lucrative business. This is one of the few careers where individuals make up to Ksh 3 million in a month without sweat. It’s normal as a blogger to make millions of shillings but without proper advice from experienced publishers, your blog will stagnate, forcing you to surrender. Here we give critical points that will help you scale to the highest level of blogging in this country.

Before you start blogging, what do you have in your mind? I guess making money. If this is your immediate thought then you are wrong. Blogging is a passion, inner drive and something you do as a hobby. The owner of this blog started blogging as a way of passing time. In 2015, the blog was born where it was using Blogger, a free CMS provided by Google. At that time I was making zero shillings from the business and I was never in a hurry to earn a coin.,,,but I was enjoying what I was doing.

After months of informing my target groups, especially university students and entrepreneurs, I realized I had to make some few coins. I applied for AdSense and my blog was accepted after three unsuccessful attempts…to get AdSense is not a joke (in my next update, I will inform you how I easily got accepted by AdSense, but if you need more information email me at [email protected]). This is actually how I started blogging.

Now going back to my main topic. How exactly will you make Ksh 200,000 per month? What is the secret?

What I have noticed about most bloggers in this country, especially the newbies is that they heavily rely on established blogs for information. What they simply do is, create a blog, place AdSense banner on the blog and start copying what established blogs write. After they have copied, they simply promote the content in top Facebook pages using Pseudo accounts. What this caliber of ‘get-rich-quick’ bloggers are doing is shutting their opportunities. By promoting your content on popular Facebook Pages means you want short term traffic. The traffic your site receives is not what can earn decent income. This brings us to the topic of organic traffic

Organic traffic is what makes popular blogs like Forbes and Times succeed. This traffic is from search engines like Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo and involves people searching for information of their interest. Now as a blogger, what you should target is organic traffic. How exactly do you target this traffic? The first thing is to write articles targeting information that people desperately search for online. To do this, you must learn the art of using key words. Let me give you a hint. Some of the most popular key words on the internet include:

  • Online MBA
  • How to get unsecured loans
  • Cheap houses
  • Low interest rate loans
  • How to migrate to USA, Canada
  • Cheap used cars
  • Cheap smartphones
  • How to get rich quickly
  • How to be a millionaire
  • How to quit smoking
  • Best cancer hospitals
  • Richest

Mastering key words is the first step towards earning crazy money online.

After you have understood how to use key words, you don’t have any business promoting your articles on funny Facebook pages.

Unique articles

In your blogging journey, focusing on unique articles is important. By saying unique we mean topics that no one else has written about. What baffles me most is to see all news blogs, from Mpasho, Tuko, Nation, Standard,etc writing almost the same content. What Kenyan readers do in this case is to pick the best, Standard and Nation become the favourite in this case.

There is something interesting about unique content. For instance, if you are the only person who has featured a specific story, anyone searching for that topic will definitely land on your article. This means you don’t share traffic from search engine with other bloggers. Assuming you have 1,000 of such articles and each article gets 10 views per day, that means you will get 10,000 daily visits from search engine. Unique articles bring the discussion of your income.

To earn decent money you have to know some tricks. I am sure as a blogger you know some of the ways of making money online, but let me name a few:

  • AdSense
  • Taboola
  • Direct marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Revcontent
  • Outbrain
  • MGID
  • ad
  • Infolink
  • Dianomi
  • Chikita
  • Etc

But AdSense is the most popular online gold mine. Once you have known that, the next issue is how to simulate the earnings in a genuine way. To do this, you have to focus on:

  • Key words
  • Organic
  • Target group
  • Excellent articles
  • Regular updates

AdSense earnings

Since more than 95 % of Kenyan bloggers depend on AdSense earnings, it’s good if they realize how to maximize income from this monetization platform. There is one thing most bloggers in Kenya and by extension the world don’t know, that if you want to increase the amount of money you earn through AdSense, you must focus on organic traffic, high paying niche and the country your traffic comes from. If you are a Kenyan blogger and your content targets Kenyan traffic, I am certain the cost per click range between $0.01 to $0.05.If your target is USA,Canada,South Africa,Japan,UK,UAE and Australia,the cost per click will be 0.10 to $5.As a blogger who intends to grow online you should target readers from the aforementioned economic tigers.

I have actually analyzed income from most bloggers in Kenya. From the findings, 80% of bloggers make Ksh 20,000-Ksh40, 000 per month, with only a few making more than 200,000.If you are among the 80 % who are making less than 40,000,these are mistakes you are making:

Not targeting high paying key words like mortgages, loans, insurance products, web hosting and banking products. I will shock you today. In our country more that 80 % of blogs are more focused on trending stories. To be honest, these trending stories attract low CPC adverts. Google AdSense sends cost per click for each advert not exceeding 0.05 for these sites. This is why you find most of the news sites have RPM of 0.60 to 0.8, which means even if you have 100,000 daily visits, your blog won’t earn you more than Ksh 80,000 per month. I actually have one of my websites which receive less than 1,000 daily visits. In a bad day, I get 10 clicks and in a good day,I get 20 clicks. Each click averages Ksh 500.So if I get 10 clicks, that will make Ksh 5,000 per day. The site targets insurance products, deferred annuities and retirement benefits- this is where I want most bloggers from Kenya to be. Another site, which focuses on career, attracts Ads of even Ksh 20,000 per click. When I get a single click of Ksh 20, 000, it means even if I don’t earn from other site, this alone is enough for the day. Why exactly do these blogs attract high paying ads, it’s because few sites cover the content, so when Google algorithm works its magic, by default your site receives the highest paying Ads. Now looking at this information, will you have to desperately promote your content on social media for traffic?

My math

In my entire blogging career I have never focused on how many people visit my site in a day. My focus is to see how readers react to the information they get from my site. In so doing, I strive to give them what they want and package the information in the simplest way possible…you can see I use the most basic English. Over this period I have realized the more people get excited to your information, the more they are likely to get interested on the adverts on your blog, eventually they click on the adverts. This is why organic traffic rule when it comes to AdSense earning.

In a practical case if an individual gets 10,000 views from Facebook through promotion. This guy will get only 1% of the views getting interested in the adverts on his site. This is because the readers did not willingly search for the information but it was forced down their throat. The readers are likely to spend less time on the content, which translates to blindness towards adverts. In another case, if your blog gets 1,000 readers from organic searches, it means every reader is willing to purchase something after finding the information interesting. This means your AdSense ads will be more likely to get attention from the readers.

Several of my friends have asked how my blog venas news manages to receive more than 80 % of the visitor through organic traffic. The answer is simple, others land on other articles the way you have landed on this…they target a group of people, who are interested to know some secrets, facts and sensitive information that can change their way of doing things.Venas News receives over 40,000 daily visits and most of the traffic come from search engine. What I have done, I have made sure my blog is always updated with fresh content. Each blog post has headlines with specific key words and is likely to receive traffic forever. In total I have 4,000 blog posts, 80 % are viral. Each old post receives 10 visits per day. Since I have 4,000 posts and each receives approximately 10 visits, I am able to receive more than 40,000 daily visits.

Venas News has an RPM of 2 to 4 and if it receives 40,000 daily visits per day and each click averages Ksh 20,you can calculate how much it makes, then compare with your blog. If your blog makes less, you should from today focus on writing what you love most, key words, high paying niche and less promotion on Social media. It’s better you receive few visits but earn more than your blog getting excellent rank but earns you less than Ksh2, 000 per day.


If your blog receives 10,000 visits per day,you are likely to earn Ksh 2,000-Ksh4,000 from AdSense in a day.If you are lucky to be noticed by corporates, you will receive several sponsored posts, where each will earn you Ksh 2,000-Ksh5,000 per post. On top of this, if you employ affiliate marketing, you will again make not less than Ksh 10,000 from the affiliates.Generally,Ksh 10,000 per day should earn you not less than Ksh60,000 per month. For you to earn Ksh 200,000 you need three blogs,each earning you Ksh 60,000 or one blog that receives 25,000-40,000 daily visits.

What is more important is attracting high quality adverts,and this will only come if you target traffic from USA,Canada,UK,Australia and UAE.You also need to have your own unique style of writing.