Advantages of using a Premium WordPress Theme on your Blog over a Free Theme



What are the main advantages of using premium WordPress theme over a free theme? There are several advantages of a theme that you buy for your site over the one that you acquire for free. Here we discuss the benefits you will get if you buy a WordPress theme.


A premium Theme has numerous Ad locations. Personally I have used Admania, Newsmag Pro, Genesis and finally WordPress Theme. As opposed to free Themes, these premium themes have more than 20 locations where you can place your adverts. I currently use Newspaper theme which allows me to place over 40 adverts on my sites.

You will notice, if you are using free theme, that spaces for Adverts are limited. It’s even more irritating when you are forced to use plugins to place AdSense adverts. But a theme like Newspaper allows you to place Adverts without using plugins, which is quite fantastic.

Increased earnings

You know blogging is not exciting without earning money and the more you earn the better. The moment you switch from a free theme to a premium one, you will be shocked that the earnings increase by over 100 %.This incident happened to me a year ago when I switched from a free theme to Newspaper Theme. The previous day I had made $ 45 but after I applied the theme on my sites, the income jumped to $78 in a day. What surprised me is that I managed to recover the money I spent on the theme in one day…I actually spent $59 to purchase the theme.

Hacking and malware

Most of the free themes have not been tested, they are extremely vulnerable to malware attack. Premium themes have, however, been tested and have a clean code. When using a premium theme, you expect them to be more than 90 % free of virus attacks.

WordPress Updates

WordPress Premium Themes are regularly updated to keep up to date with the new WordPress updates, their plugins are updated too. These updates are important as they secure the theme from malware attacks and expose to hackers.

Variety of templates

Another, I believe one of the most important features of WordPress Premium Themes, is that they have a variety of templates. I am currently using Newspaper Theme which has over 26 templates. These templates are designed in such a way that if your blog specializes on a specific niche, you will be able to use a template designed for that niche. I am currently using News template for one of the websites, business template for another and fashion template for another blog. These templates work perfect for all the niches.


Another advantage of a premium theme is that you will get support from the theme sellers. When customizing it you might be lost on the way, incase you face any challenge, you will contact the guys to customize the theme for your blog for free. When I bought Newspaper Theme, the guys actually offered a six months support, which I enjoyed.

You can use the theme on all the blogs

Once you buy a premium theme you can use it on all your blogs. This means even if you have 30 blogs, you won’t be limited on the number of blogs to apply your new theme. This is common for themes bought at Envato.