How to Attract High Paying AdSense Adverts to your site



How do I attract high paying AdSense Ads to my site? This is a common question among Google AdSense users. Today we shall reveal what other sites have done to ensure this is possible.

First you should understand that high paying AdSense Ads will never appear on your site without your efforts to cleverly attract them. What exactly is needed of you?

High quality articles

The first trick to use is to have high quality and unique articles. Always ensure the articles you post are not less than 300 words.

Google algorithm understands your site better when you use texts as opposed to images. The more you use texts the better.

Use custom channels

The second most important thing to do is, use Google custom channels. Custom Channels will ensure only targeted Ads will be pushed into your site. If your site is about real estate, ensure the custom channel only allow adverts on apartments, land, and other real estate properties. If your site is about insurance, ensure only adverts on insurance are allowed to be displayed on your site.

Normally, advertisers pay more for custom channels than the general ads.

High paying niche

Before you start blogging, you should understand the basic rules of blogging. One of the rules is how much will you earn from your hard work. What I always observe is that most bloggers are more focused on the quantity of traffic than the quality of adverts. It’s is more important to understand that the quality of adverts is more important than the number of people who visit your site. Let’s see this case.

Assuming your site has 100 clicks and each click costs $0,03.It means you will earn $3 from your click.Assuming,in another case, a website receives 5clicks where each click costs $0.5.The five clicks will earn the publisher a total of $5.Looking at two scenarios, you will notice that the quality of the advert to your site plays a significant role to your overall earnings. This brings us to the issue of high paying niche. If your site focuses on the following niches, I promise you that the journey to success will be difficult:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Trending stories
  3. Fashion
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Music

If your topics cover the following niches, I swear you will smile all the way to the bank:

  1. Insurance
  2. Mortgages
  3. Download Software
  4. Study
  5. Web Hosting
  6. Banking
  7. Loans
  8. Guns
  9. Rehab
  10. Migration
  11. Money & Wealth

Target geographical locations

In Africa,your blog should have content targeting  South Africa ,which has adverts that  pay more than $.20 per click.

If your target is Europe and America,USA,UK,Canada,Austalia and Germany are the best countries your content should target.

If your target is Asia,then China,UAE,Saudi Arabia ,Qatar and Kuwait are the best countries your content should target.

Some of the countries with the lowest CPC include:

  1. Kenya
  2. Tanzania
  3. Nigeria
  4. South Sudan
  5. Somalia
  6. Guinea Bissau
  7. Burkina Faso
  8. Liberia
  9. Sierra Leone

If you are a Kenyan blogger, I can assure you the adverts your blog will receive won’t exceed 0.10 per click…most adverts cost 0.03 per click.

Target organic traffic

Social media traffic has poor conversion. If your target traffic is Facebook and Twitter, you won’t be excited what your blog will earn. Traffic from search engine is of high quality and if Google identifies your site as one of the few with majority of traffic from search engines, it will start sending high paying ads to your site.

How exactly do you target organic traffic?

To be able to receive organic traffic, make sure you write unique articles, covering topics that most people search for through Google, Bing, Yahoo and ASK. You should also ensure you have the right key words for the titles of your articles

Ads placement

Ads placement also play a crucial role in regards to high paying AdSense ads. The best Ads include:









Article in line (the one inside your post) should be of size, 300*250 or 640*300.Header article should be of size 728*90 while article below the post should be of size 336*280 or 750*300.The best size to put in the sidebar is 300*600

As you place your ads, remember not to push them far from your post and ensure there is an advert inside the post.

One secret I have discovered is that ads placed on the footer pays little as opposed to ads inside the post and on the header. So, concentrate your ads more towards the header than towards the footer.

Choose the correct web hosting company

The choice of your web hosting company will also determine how much you earn from your blog. I witnessed this last year when I migrated my sites to kinsta.Before then, one of my sites was bringing $25 per day but after migration, the earnings almost doubled. This came as a result of 100% uptime and automatic scaling. My sites have never gone down no matter how much traffic they receive.

You can click here to see Kinsta pricing

Use Premium WordPress Theme

The last point I wish to put across is about the Content Management system. WordPress is the best for SEO and when you use this CMS, your site is more likely to receive organic traffic. A Premium WordPress also gives the publisher the opportunity to place adverts of different sizes into his blog.