Police Did Not Raid NASA Tallying Center —This is Fake News



It’s emerging that police did not raid NASA tallying centers as alleged by Paul Mwangi and Dennis Onyango.

Sources from Sifa Towers indicate the exercise was stage managed by NASA strategic team so as to attract sympathy votes.

Friday night,NASA alleged that police raided their Tallying Center at Sifa Towers. The coalition sent fake news to Reuters ,NTV and other media houses.The statement read:

AUGUST 4, 2017


A few minutes to 8 pm Friday, police in hoods and armed with AK47 and machine guns raided different offices that host operations of the Opposition National Super Alliance and held staff, mostly young university and college students on internship hostage, forcing them to lie on the floor for hours then took away all their equipment.

Terrified workers at the various installations where the raid was conducted said they counted up to 30 men in hoods who took away mobile phones, note books and work identity cards.

The raiders also broke down and ferried away surveillance cameras, desktop computers, computer servers, Ipads and laptops in addition to taking photos of the identification documents of all the staff.

Before leaving, the officers said they would never return what they took away.

The raiders also took details of each of the NASA staff, including their full names, areas of residence, place of birth and where they went to school.

The raiders did not present any warrant of arrest. They jumped over the fence and demanded total co-operation from the terrified young employees warning that non-co-operation could result in shooting and murder.

NASA leaders had just wound up a rally at the Coast as the raid took place in Nairobi where the Opposition is to hold its final campaign rally on Saturday.


Wen Reuters sent their team to the Tower, they found everything intact except few computers and desks that were turned upside down. On questioning watchmen and other workers in the building, they were shocked to hear that nothing had happened inside the building.