Why is my blog not growing? How Do I increase The Number of visitors to My Blog?



Why is my blog not growing? How do I increase the number of visitors to my blog? Have you ever wondered why people are not interested in searching for the content on your blog? Here we provide facts to answer your questions.

In most cases new blogs take time to get attention of readers. This is due to lack of enough content on the blog or due to the time it takes for Google and other search engines to crawl your website. It’s advisable that the publisher takes his cool as he waits for the blog to get noticed by WebCrawler. After three months have elapsed since you created your blog, you should start getting worried if your blog does not receive visitors through organic searches. In case you are facing this scenario, this is the mistake you are making.

You are in a competitive niche

Sometimes being in a competitive niche can affect your blog ranking. For a blog to receive organic traffic its content must be placed on the first page of the search engines. It’s proven that readers click on the content that appears on the first page unless they don’t get information they wanted on that page.Normally,Google and other search engines place the most relevant and useful information on the first page.

Some of the most flooded niches include smartphones, fashion, jobs, news, make money online and web hosting. Google knows the most dominant sites and it always places them on the first page.

For your site to get noticed you have to select less competitive niches like agriculture and environment, but these niches pay little when it comes to AdSense.

Boring articles

You may be more than willing to grow but your articles are boring. In case you find the ratio of returning visitors to new visitors is low, know that readers easily get bored to your articles.

If you are one of those facing this problem how do you solve it? The solution is to be more creative, take time to write and also read a lot so as to master the English language.

Not using key words

Users search for information using key words. If you are poor with key word usage, chances are your blogs won’t grow.

Mastering of popular key words will help you grow your blog with relevant articles. If you are a new blogger or experienced one and you want to master the most common key words, you can use Semrush, which has a list of key words to use for your blog. You can click below to see how Semrush works

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You don’t have original content

Another possible problem is that your content is not original and unique. This is the most common scenario among most bloggers. They are too lazy to sit and come up with original content, resulting to copy pasting tactic. Since Google and other search engines are clever, they deliberately push your content to the last page of their search pages. Your content ends up lying idle.

You don’t update on regular basis

Fresh content works magic. If you put efforts in updating your blog regularly, you will grow fast and make it to the first page of the search engines. A blog is like a kiosk, if a customer comes today to buy sugar, he finds that you don’t have it in the stock, he comes the following day and finds realizes the stock is missing again, he will get disappointed and eventually move to the next shop. What we can advise is that ensure you have at least one post per day so as to keep crawlers busy.

Not utilizing the power of social media

Social media helps a lot especially if your blog is relatively new. If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, share your content so that readers can be able to notice you also exist. But this will help in the short run; for a long term strategy, ensure your blog has unique content.