Best University Degree Courses for Entrepreneurs and Self-employed People



Which are the best university degree courses for entrepreneurs and self-employed people? Well, entrepreneurs want something different from what those aspiring to be employees desire. In the world of entrepreneurship, one needs basic skills of running business, how to grow the business and beat competitors and all aspects of running a successful business. Fortunately, there are courses that train students anything to do with entrepreneurship. Besides; there are degree programs that are suitable for self-employment. Below we discuss array of degree programmes for self-employed persons.

  1. MBA

Master of Business Administration tops the list of best programmes for entrepreneurs. The initial idea was to make MBA the sole masters program for entrepreneurs as it trains students issues to do with strategic management, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, but later on students focused more on obtaining the qualification for them to secure job promotions.

MBA is one of the ideal courses for one to learn how to run a business, market his products and grow in a competitive environment. One can pursue MBA online or attend classes but most people prefer online studies.

  1. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is taught at different levels, short courses,diploma,undergraduate and post graduate. Any level is within what an aspiring entrepreneur aims to achieve.

When you join entrepreneurship class your mind should shift completely from employment to self-employment. The idea of sending CVs to companies for employment should change to sending proposals to companies and banks for business financing.

Some of the important goals of entrepreneurship course include:

  • Develop the capacity to analyze complex organizational challenges and opportunities and identify potential levers for change, using both intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial perspectives.
  • Identify one’s own biases and assumptions about what it means to lead, and challenge those assumptions through focused and engaged dialogue with colleagues.
  • Explore new ways of thinking about leadership, entrepreneurship, and learning, and based upon this exposure, begin to develop one’s own theory about what it means to be an entrepreneurial leader.
  • Reflect on some ways in which simply having the right answer is never quite enough when it comes to social change; knowing how to implement good ideas is critical to becoming an effective leader.
  • Understand ways in which one can create a developmental learning climate in which others can learn to lead.
  • Given a variety of challenging circumstances, develop the capability to effectively influence a group engaged in complex decision-making
  • Through the case method, build skills in developing and delivering persuasive arguments, active listening, critical thinking and fast cycle learning.
  1. Counseling & psychology

Counseling and psychology is another ideal course for students who are aiming of becoming self-employed. After graduation you will be able to incorporate your firm where you do counseling, or perform charity work.

  1. Graphic design

If you are a graphic designer and still employed, there is something wrong with you. Clearly, this program is not for people who will sit in the office to get instructions from the boss. This course is meant for people who can create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. People who can develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. For you to enjoy the work of your hands you have to be self-employed.

  1. Pharmacy

In the field of medicine, pharmacy is one of the best courses for graduates who wish to have their pharmaceuticals. Since not everyone is allowed to come up with a clinic, or a chemist, a pharmacist has a golden opportunity to start a chemist and dominate in the industry.

  1. Software engineering

Software engineer is solely responsible for developing Apps for companies, develops information systems by designing, developing, and installing software solutions.

With a degree in software engineering, you can start a software company for developing Apps for institutions.

Actuarial Science/Statistics

Actuarial science is emerging as one of the most sought after profession. With a growing demand from insurance, research firms, banks and audit firms for actuaries, it’s becoming necessary to have more private practice actuaries, who can develop risk and pension models for the companies.

Actuarial science is rewarding, especially if one has completed the SOA professional certificates.

Statistics on the other hand can be applied in data analysis, market surveys and modeling of events. To do this, one has to have a research firm.

There is a strong correlation between statistics and actuarial science.


It’s easy and more fulfilling when a lawyer is running a law firm than being in employment. World over lawyers prefer to do private practice as opposed to seeking employment.

Law profession is among the few careers that pay up to millions of dollars from one assignment. For people who wish to be millionaires, law is the course to pursue.

Medicine & Surgery

Medical doctors anywhere in the world have their private clinics. It’s almost impossible for a doctor to survive without offering consultancy services.

The moment you join medical career, you have a million opportunities ahead of you. The only part to play is to choose the right business opportunity, which is opening a clinic.

Journalism & Mass communication

Bloggers, professional photographers and media consultants are drawn from this profession. In journalism it’s easy to be self-employed than to secure employment with a reputable institution.

Other university courses for self-employment include:

  1. Quantity Surveying
  2. Architecture
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Criminology & Forensic Science
  5. Human Resource Management/PR
  6. Political Science