List of Best Companies to work for in Kenya 2017



Which are the best companies to work for in Kenya?

It’s always hard to know the best company to work for, but as a job seeker, there are several factors that would influence your decision to work for a particular company. They include:

  • Working conditions
  • Salary
  • Employment terms
  • Job promotions

Based on the factors above, here is a list of best companies in Kenya:

  1. IBM
  2. Google Kenya
  3. Royal Media Services
  4. Kenya Revenue Authority
  5. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  6. Parliamentary Service Commission
  7. Kenyan Parliament
  8. National Intelligence Service
  9. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  10. Insurance Regulatory Authority
  11. Communication Authority of Kenya
  12. Nestle East Africa
  13. EABL
  14. APA Insurance
  15. Kenya Airports Authority
  16. Retirement Benefits Authority
  17. Commercial Bank of Africa
  18. United Nations (UNESCO, UNDP, UNEP, WFP)
  19. International NGOs
  20. PWC
  21. Deloitte
  22. KPMG
  23. Law Society of Kenya
  24. Office of the President
  25. International Finance Corporation
  26. Kenya Film Classification Board
  27. Radio Africa
  28. Nairobi Securities Exchange
  29. Capital Markets Authority
  30. Centum
  31. Hass Consult
  32. Central Bank of Kenya
  33. Strathmore University
  34. American,Australian,British,Canadian Embassies in Kenya
  35. Kenyan Counties
  36. CIC Insurance
  37. AIG Insurance
  38. Unilever
  39. NEPAD
  40. Trademark East Africa
  41. World Vision

Most of the companies listed above pay fresh graduates up to Ksh 200,000.They also have good terms for experienced employees.

Google is one of the most desired employer in Kenya.The company has the best salary for software engineers; it also allows employees to go for the gym even during working hours. Once you have gone through Google, your profile will be excellent.

United Nations also ranks among top employers in Kenya.In this international organization, no employee earns less than Ksh 150,000.Furthermore,no employee is taxed-all that you earn is yours.

The leading audit & accounting firms include PWC,Deloitte & Touche,Earnest & Young and KPMG.Graduate Trainees of these companies earn at least Ksh75,000 per month.There are numerous opportunities for growth when you are working for the big four.

In the government sector,Class A parastatals are the highest paying government institutions in Kenya.EACC,KAA,KCAA,NSIS,CBK and NSE are some of the best paying government institutions.When you join any of these institutions,your starting salary is upwards Ksh 130,000.