NASA Names IEBC Officials Who are Planning to Rig Elections in the following statement.



The NASA coalition has issued a statement indicating they are uncomfortable with some IEBC officials.The coalition stated:

“In under 24 hours, the country will head to the much awaited 2017 polls. We wish at this very opportunity to thank all Kenyans for their show of love and support throughout the campaign period. It is now time to make that support count by turning out in large numbers to cast your vote. Overall we remain confident that the will of the people shall prevail in this election. That Kenyans will vote so resoundingly and render the agents of rigging impotent. While the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has made great effort to ensure the polls are free and fair, there are still areas of concern and which must be addressed forthwith. In this regard, we demand that;
1. IEBC ensures that ballot papers, KIEMS and all election materials arrive at respective polling stations across the country by 5pm tomorrow so as to guarantee that polls will open at 6am in every polling station on 8th August 2017. We have disturbing information that election materials designated for some NASA strongholds were until this morning still in the warehouse in Nairobi pointing to a clear plan by officers in the commission secretariat to sabotage this election.
2. IEBC assures the country that all KIEMS are loaded with the Register of Voters and that all SD cards are secured so as to guarantee successful biometric identification of voters.
3. That Kenya power and lighting company should provide uninterrupted power supply to the National Tallying centre at Bomas of Kenya to ensure smooth operations.
4. That the current skewed deployment of security officers at Bomas of Kenya be immediately withdrawn and a fresh deployment of security officers at the National tallying centre be done in a manner that reflects the diversity and character of our nation.
5. That we have credible information about covert meetings that the Commission CEO Ezra Chiloba has been having in a house in Kileleshwa with part of the secretariat staff and senior Jubilee operatives geared
towards sabotaging the successful conduct of the elections by the Commission. We wish to remind Mr. Chiloba that any attempts to subvert the will of the people will be robustly resisted and he will be held accountable for all transgressions in the electoral process.
The officers involved in this heinous plot to undermine our democracy include the following;
a. Mr. Ezra Chiloba
b. Dr Kamindo- Deputy Director Research- IEBC
c. Anne Nderitu
d. Josephat Yegon
e. Mohammed Hassan
f. Amos Gatheca
g. Mr. Kingori Mwangi
h. CIP Birech
i. AIGP Barumau

  1. The issue of 11,000 polling stations having no network.Why is IEBC revealing this setback so late in the day? 25% of polling stations lacking network is serious dereliction by IEBC. NASA and Kenyans as a whole should be told which stations these are
    7. The idea that IEBC staff will look for and move the stations to areas with network in order to transmit results may be ridiculous and an avenue for rigging.

To all Kenyans, we urge you to turn out like never before and let your voice be heard. Our democracy will no doubt show its resilience through your vote and vigilance to protect your vote. Let us give our country a new lease of life and a responsive leadership.

Hon. Musalia Mudavadi
Chairman NASA National Campaign Secretariat