I have applied for Google AdSense 6 Times and My Blog has been Rejected, What can I do to be approved


“I have applied for Google AdSense six times and my blog has been rejected, what can I do to be approved?”


It’s normal for bloggers to get rejected by Google AdSense especially if they don’t follow instructions provided by AdSense. Normally, when you apply for AdSense for the first time, your site will go through the first step, where you are required to place a code on your blog before Google reviews your site. I will give you a short story of what happened when I was applying for AdSense for the first time.

In 2015, I had just started blogging. This time I had not mastered the basic rules of blogging and I was always in a hurry to write, post and aggressively share my content. Within the first two weeks, I had posted over 100 articles. Since I knew AdSense was the only way of earning money, I took a step to apply.

The blog www.venasnews.co.ke got reviewed and passed the first step. I was told to place the AdSense code on my website. Upon doing so, I waited for the final verdict from Google…I was rejected. I didn’t give up, I added more content and applied after two weeks-I was rejected again.

After getting rejected 8 times, I decided to read Google AdSense rules. Here is what I did.

Started a new blog

I resolved to start a new blog www.venasnews.com. After registering the domain, I started blogging.

Focus on the a less popular blog

The first time I applied for AdSense, I was focusing on trending topics and articles that were less appealing to adults. In my new blog, I resolved to ignore trending topics and focus on Agriculture, environment and career articles. I realized most Kenyans focus on stories related to entertainment, lifestyle, news, technology and politics. For your information, if you want to be rejected by Google AdSense, post contents related to entertainment, lifestyle, news, jobs,technology and politics and make money online. The easiest way to get accepted is to focus on a less popular niche, one that almost every blogger avoid.

Articles with at least 500 words

Another trick I discovered was, to write each article with at least 500 words. In fact, most of my articles were 1000 words long.I knew AdSense reviewers were more interested on the length of my articles so as to understand more about my writing skills. In a day, I would write two long articles most of them out of my creativity and first-hand experience.

For you to be accepted by AdSense make sure all your articles are above 500 words.

40-50 Articles

I also understood my website had to have sufficient content. I made sure my blog had at least 40 articles before I applied for AdSense. This means that when you are applying for AdSense, make sure your blog has more than 40 quality articles.

Original photos

You know, every article I was posting had a photo, I made sure every photo was original. I personally went round and took photos, which I used on my blog. Google hates blogs with photos lifted from their gallery.

Unique content

The worst mistake you can make is having content pulled from other site. If you want Google to reject your blog forever, plagiarize other sites. As you can see, this post is 100 % original, which is what Google wants.

Before Google approves your site for AdSense, the reviewers must ensure your articles are original and unique.

About us, Contact, Privacy Policy

Another reason Google disapproves most applications is that their blogs don’t bear the following pages:

  1. About us
  2. Contact
  3. Privacy Policy

Before you apply, make sure your site has these three pages.

Spelling mistakes

Since I understood my blog will be reviewed manually, I made sure there were no spelling mistakes in my articles.

What you may not know is that the reviewers open several of your blog posts and make a decision to approve your blog after they are convinced beyond doubts that it’s a quality blog. This is why nowadays only a small proportion of blogs are accepted into this program.

After doing what I have stated above, I used a different email address to apply for AdSense, and this happened two weeks after I had registered the domain. My blog went through the first step but was rejected in the second step. I did some few corrections and added 5 blog posts to make a total of 40 posts. One week later I applied and I was lucky to be accepted to the AdSense program.

If you own a blog and you need my advice, you can write to me on [email protected]