How to Withdraw Money from PayPal in Kenya



To withdraw your money from Paypal account to your bank account or MPESA in Kenya is possible.

It’s surprising that most banks in Kenya have not linked their services to PayPal but there are a few who have the service. So if your PayPal account has received money and you are not able to withdraw, here is what to do.

Open a bank account with equity bank. Opening the account will require a copy of your ID, and that’s all. When you approach Equity Bank for account opening, it will take you 10-15 minutes to complete the process, then you are provided with account number, which you will use to deposit Ksh 500 for ATM card.If you deposit the cash immediately, the bank will process an ATM for you within minutes.

***Remember equity bank does not have monthly charges for account holders.

After you have opened the account, you will be required to link the PayPal Account with your Equity account so as the process of withdrawing the cash can be successful. The first process is to create an equity account, then login and click on the section written, “withdraw from PayPal”. You will be required to login to your Equity account. After you have done so, you will be required to link your bank account with PayPal, you will then be asked the amount you wish to withdraw from PayPal.

After you have recommended for withdrawal from PayPal, you will be required to wait for three business days for your bank account to reflect the credited amount.

I recommend Equity bank because I have used their service and I know they are the most reliable and secure.

The next company that enables withdrawal from PayPal is isuccess.

iSuccess allows you to withdraw money from your PayPal account to MPESA account.

What is required is your phone number.

iSuccess charges 17% of the amount you will transfer to MPESA

Besides the two companies, you can use Payoneer or ePay Kenya to withdraw your cash.