Advice for the Luos.This is How You Will Succeed



This is the best advice for Luos

I know it’s painful to see your leader losing to Uhuru twice, especially when Raila had the best chance to rule the country, but it’s worth to note that this is the best time to change your strategy.

All along, Luos have been known to be consumers, boastful and heavy spenders.Luos have been known to be job seekers. This should now end. It’s obvious Uhuru’s administration will mostly benefits the Kikuyu, Kalenjin and friendly tribes, and of course some loyal Luos.As an average Luo, how will you survive, given that you have to pay bills and feed your family. Here is the thing.

For your information, when former President Daniel Moi took power after the death of Jomo Kenyatta, he alienated the Kikuyu tribe. Due to desperations, the Kikuyu had to venture into various businesses. To prove a point, they worked hard and eventually became successful. Today the Kikuyu is the richest tribe in Kenya.

Since Luos expect little from Uhuru administration, they have to change tactic. The best thing to do is, avoid being job seekers and venture into business. Anyone with a university degree should lead from the front by starting any business venture. It’s not a must to venture into businesses that require millions of money in capital-even mitumba business can do. For you to succeed, you have to shed the boastful character and adopt the business language-I know Luos can be extremely successful in business.

You see, Luos don’t own media houses, they don’t own industries, they don’t own banks, they don’t own insurance companies, they don’t practice farming. This means,Luos are just consumers. From today, if you want to take power from other tribes, you have to empower yourself. Make sure you own the things I have mentioned above, then you can be able to grab power from the Kikuyu and Kalnjin.

Another way to survive is to form NGOs.As you know, the international financial institutions and sponsors are keen to offer assistance to alienated communities.Nyanza is the best area to pump their billions. If you form several NGOs,you will realize you don’t need the government for you to survive.

Another good advice is to seek employment in Qatar, Dubai,USA and other areas that offer jobs to Africans. In Dubai,a degree holder can earn up to Ksh 600,000.I don’t see the reason for sticking in a country where you earn Ksh 20,000 when you can earn 7 figures in Dubai.