Fare Prices from Kisumu,Kisii and Kakamega to Nairobi



Fare prices from Kisumu, Kakamega, Bungoma and Kisii have more than doubled.

In Kisii,it has been reported that the prices has increased to Ksh2,000 per head for the most prestigious buses.The least you can pay to Nairobi is Ksh 1,500.Nyamira Express is charging Ksh 800-Ksh1,200 while Transline ,Easy Coach and other more comfortable -to -sit  buses are charging as high as Ksh 2,000

In Kisumu, people fear to travel to Nairobi as police patrol the town. But the few buses and matatu in town are charging Ksh 2,000-Ksh2,500 to Nairobi.

In Western, fare prices are ranging between Ksh 1,500 to Ksh 2,000 per head. It’s surprising that it’s cheaper to travel from Western to Nairobi than from Kisii to Nairobi.

Even as you plan to travel from Nyanza and Western Kenya to Nairobi, note that it’s scramble for the fittest…most buses are fully booked.