How Raila Can Easily Remove Uhuru from Power Legally



Do you know Raila Odinga can legally remove Uhuru from power even before the swearing in ceremony? Here is what he will do.

The second plan is to have a coalition government between Raila and Uhuru, which I doubt will be possible.Uhuru may be willing to have NASA principals on board especially if the country is ungovernable, but Ruto may not be confortable to eat with outsiders.

The Constitution states that a national election can be held when;

1.The Parliament term expires

  1. President dies and
  2. More than 100 mps resign at the same time a number which NASA has.

Since Raila’s only bullet has been spent, there are three options for him:

  • Force a coalition government
  • Request at least 100 NASA MPs to resign


  • Retire from active politics

Requesting NASA MPs to resign is next to impossibility as most of them won the seats by luck.The second option, a coalition government, is also hard to come by since the country is still governable. I see him opting for the last option, retiring from active politics.