How to Write Popular Articles without Using SEO Plugins



As SEO Plugins become dominant, it’s apparent that you can write a popular article without necessarily using the plugin.Today,I will give you  hint of what I do to ensure my articles always appear on the first page of any search engine.

You see, content is key and the more exhaustive your article is the better.Google,Yahoo,Bing and other search engines place articles with the best solutions on the first page of their search results. Before caring much on how and where your article will appear on the search engine, take time to write exhaustively. I believe you have seen some articles ranked 1st no matter how many articles are written to mimic the original article. When Google, Yahoo, Bing place the article at position 1, they know no one can write better than the original author.

Venas News does not use any SEO plugin-I tried to use Yoast, Semrush and other funny SEO plugins and realized I was wasting time-I ended up deleting all the plugins and resolved to write better content. Even so, most of our articles managed to be rated 5-star, why?

The first thing we do is not to concentrate on key words but to write articles we believe can provide solutions to readers. We ensure that once a reader is able to read our articles, he can enjoy reading to the last paragraph. We also ensure he finds a solution from our articles-this way, he is discouraged to open articles from other sites.

Another thing we have realized over time is that our readers are average, meaning their command of the English language is basic. We try as much as possible to write in a language everyone understands. We do this in such a way that you don’t strain to comprehend our vocabularies.

It’s also common that bloggers use various Content Management Systems (CMS).For your information, some CMS, like Joomla and Blogger are not as good as WordPress.In order to have viral articles, you have to use WordPress.But you should note that free WordPress Themes are not so good in terms of SEO as they are not fully optimized for SEO,I therefore encourage you to use a Premium WordPress Theme. I have previously used Newsmag Pro, Admania, and many other themes, but I found comfort in Newspaper Theme (If you need Newspaper Theme, you can email me at [email protected])

Newspaper theme costs $59 and is sold by Envato .It’s the most popular Premium WordPress theme among established bloggers.

Another extraordinary thing I do is to write articles which bear my own opinion as opposed to opinion from other bloggers. By doing this, I ensure my articles are 100 % plagiarism free.

The beauty of writing an article which is 100% plagiarism free is that it can easily rank among top 3, beating even articles from the most popular blogs. In addition, unique articles stand out and are always bookmarked by readers.

It’s estimated that more than half of bloggers use SEO plugins to rank higher but this trick is not what you should employ if you want to achieve optimal results. Imagine you have used three SEO plugins, yes you will rank higher but when a reader goes through your content, he finds no solution from your hurriedly written article. The reader will never visit your site again..he will simply be skipping your site wherever he is looking for some information.Now,I challenge you to look at Google Analytics to see the proportion of returning visitors to new visitors. If you find that returning visitors are less than 30 %, believe it or not, your content is useless. Normally, returning visitors for popular blogs should be above 40 %

Finally, SEO plugins are good but can boost your content if you have solutions to readers.