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Job Sites in Kenya where to Post a Job Advert/Vacancy for Free



Which are the best job sites in Kenya where I can post a job advert /vacancy for free?

If you want to advertise a job in Kenya, there are many factors to consider; the first factor is the cost of advertising the vacancy. Since many companies have not factored in the budget of job posting, it’s good they seek free services from job sites. This is the reason some sites offer free job posting services for companies with open vacancies.

The second factor to consider is whether the job site is popular. To do this, visit Alexa, which is a tool for ranking websites, and check the rank of the job site. If the site is ranked above 600,000 in the world and among top 1,000 sites in Kenya, then it means the sites is popular. Normally, a site with at least 5,000 visits per day is ranked among top 600,000 sites in the world.

The third factor to consider is whether the site has a good reputation. Since there are many sites that post fake jobs, it’s important not to post a job vacancy with those sites. Job seekers have a tendency of ignoring jobs posted on websites with questionable reputation.

Having considered those factors, here are the job sites to post your job in Kenya for free.

Fixus Jobs

Fixus Jobs will post your job as soon as you send them details of the vacancy. The email for free job adverts is [email protected]

Fixus Jobs receives over 7,000 daily visits.

Careerpoint Kenya

Careerpoint is the most popular job site in Kenya. The site receives over 20,000 daily visits, which makes it among the most favourites for top companies in Kenya. The beauty of advertising your job at Careerpoint is that it will have a wide reach, especially among the common job seekers.

Jobweb Kenya

Jobweb Kenya also offers you the opportunity to advertise your job for free. The website receives over 15,000 daily visits.

As a recruiter, what you should do is, send the job vacancy to the three sites and instruct them to post it.Once they post, you are sure within a day more than 10,000 people will be able to view the vacancy and at least 100 will apply.

You will spend zero shillings but get your desired result.