Easiest but Well-Paying Careers in Kenya


Which are the easiest but well-paying careers in Kenya?

It doesn’t mean that when you pursue a hard course, you will earn more than those who did soft courses. In our modern society most employers reward talent to hard work. In most sectors you will discover that there are people who earn unbelievable salaries yet their work is extremely easy.

While most parents wish that their children should pursue hard courses for them to be more successful, the reality of life dictates otherwise. Though we understand that decades ago science courses used to sell more than arts courses the tables have turned. There are numerous arts related careers, which are easy to pursue but are well-paying-these are the courses we would like to discuss below.

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication is one of the best paying careers in the country. Several journalists, in fact over 75 % earn more than Ksh 100,000 per month, others earn upwards of Ksh 500,000 with the best paid journalist pocketing over Ksh 2 million per month.

The good thing about journalist is that it’s not a hard course.

Bachelor of Human Resource Management

The second attractive course is Bachelor of Human Resource Management.This course might look ordinary but I can assure you thousands of professionals linked to this profession earn over Ksh 200,000 per month.

HR is one of the most important positions in an organization; this is because as a HR officer, you will be responsible for managing the entire workforce in the organization. This means that for you to command respect you must be well renumerated.

Project Planning

Project planning is a career that places an individual among the highest paid professionals in any organization.Students who pursue BA.Project Planning find it extremely easy as opposed to what those in engineering and health science careers face.

Public Relations

Public Relations, also known as PR,is also in the list of best paying careers which are also the among the easiest careers to pursue in college.

In college it takes little energy and few hours to internalize what the lecturer explains. Due to this fact, students who are weak in science and mathematics courses find refuge in this career.

Bachelor of Marketing

If you are capable of selling a product to as many customers as possible, please enroll for marketing course. The reason why marketing is an exciting career is because people are mostly paid in terms of performance. In this profession, the more you sell the better. What makes it more interesting is that the college education is not involving.