Best WordPress Theme for AdSense


Best WordPress Theme for AdSense

If you are planning to make more than double your income from AdSense, you have to change your blog theme today.I will give my honest opinion.

You will notice that this blog uses Newspaper Theme, which I purchased from Wpion in 2015.Since I bought the theme I haven’t looked back. By the time I was buying the theme, I had tried all means to increase my AdSense revenue but in vain. My RPM used to average 60 and income from this blog was less than $20 per day.

After I purchased the theme, I was shocked by what I saw.I bought it on a Monday evening and applied it on my blog. When I woke up the following morning, I realized the RPM had shot up to more than 2 and my earnings had more than tripled.

One thing I like about Newspaper Theme is that I don’t have to use plugins to insert adverts, the theme has more than 20 Ad spaces where your only work is to copy the Ad code and paste it on the space reserved for adverts. In addition, you can apply adverts of different sizes without any sweat.

One miracle that happened after I bought newspaper theme is that the moment I started using it, all my blog posts started ranking best among my competitors, something that made me chest thump even up to now. In fact, when I write an article, I know it will be in the first page of search engines. This means the theme is extremely friendly to SEO as it is highly optimized.

If you are using AdSense, here is where to place the ads so as to get the best results. Make sure you have a 728*90 at the header, a 360*250 in the article in line space and 336*280 below the article. Place a 300*600 ad at the sidebar.

How much does it cost?

The theme costs $59 only and you can get it HERE

Another theme I have used is Newmag, which can also be purchased from the same company but I didn’t manage to get results as I got from Newspaper Theme.I have also used Admania but it was a bit complicated.