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This is why Politicians are leaving Raila Odinga to Jubilee



Have you wondered why several politicians, including NASA principals, are avoiding Raila? Well, there are many reasons why this is the case.

It has been revealed that one of the major weaknesses of Raila is that he is stingy. Some politicians are broke and for them to stick with a party leader they must gain financially. Being around Raila means you stay drying your entire period in his party. Since politics is all about how you gain from whoever you support, it becomes hard for even a sycophant to support a stingy politician.

The second and most obvious reason why most politicians have joined Jubilee is because they need government appointments. In the recent past you have witnessed mass exodus of politicians from NASA to Jubilee and if you are keen enough you must have seen that majority of them are political rejects. Since these guys are jobless they have to stick to a party they believe has higher chances of winning the forthcoming election.

The last reason is politician hostility. Clearly, Isaac Ruto and Peter Munya had no chance in their backyard.Peter Munya had to make a quick U-turn after being warned by his supporters that he was about to write his political obituary. Isaac Ruto also had no choice but to join jubilee and try his luck in 2022.