Advantages of Doing Online Short Courses



You may not know how important it is to supplement your degree /diploma course with an online short course until your potential employer asks, “do you have any other qualification apart from your diploma course?”

You are aware, almost everyone has an academic qualification, something that has led to significant reduction of job opportunities. With a basic degree it’s almost becoming impossible to achieve your career dream. When in such a situation what is needed is a backup, which is a short course. But what are the advantages of doing online short courses?


Online courses are extremely cheap. You will be surprised that a single course will cost you less than $20 but once you have a certificate, you will easily secure a job with that single certificate.

Some colleges offer free online courses. You can check some of the courses offered free by coursera(here is the link)

We have also notice that Udemy,one of the best colleges that offer online training has reduced prices to $12 per course.There are also courses you can pursue for free(here is the link)

Improve your CV

If your CV only indicates your diploma course without any qualification,it’s hard to beat anyone in an interview unless you are extremely gifted in handling interview questions.Having an online course listed as one of your qualifications will add you some quality into your CV,which might be the only reason why you get the job.

Learn from the comfort of your desk

Another motivating reason why online short courses are important is because you don’t need to travel all the way to where the university is located to have your studies.With online training,what you need is a laptop and internet.

Easy to join

To be admitted for online courses you don’t need a masters or a PhD qualification,even with a D in your high school is enough to join the training.The reason why it’s easy to join is because most of the courses focus more on practical skills as opposed to theoretical concepts.