“If you Touch Maraga, We will Pour Our Votes to Raila”,Kisii Community Swear.


The Kisii community has vowed to vote for Raila Odinga if Maraga is removed from the position of Chief Justice.

Thousands of Kisiis have gone expressed their anger on social media after Mr Ngunjiri Wambugu filed a petition in court to oust Maraga.The MP, who the Kisii community believe was to sent by Jubilee top leadership, said he means business:

“I would like to see Maraga out”, he said during a media interview

Wambugu claims that Maraga’s presidential election ruling was biased and that he made a terrible mistake by ordering for the repeat of the poll. He adds that if the CJ continues to be in office he might be biased in future.

Thought it’s Wambugu’s right to file a petition, the Gusii community has maintained that they are being targeted through Maraga.

“We are watching the events closely and any time from now we shall declare our stand”,Kisii Jubilee politician laments.

The statements suggest that the Kisiis are in unison against anyone targeting a senior member of the community.