“We are Tired of Raila”. Jubilee Supporters Request Uhuru to Swear Himself on 17th October



Several Jubilee supporters have requested President Kenyatta to swear himself on 17th October, 2017, saying they are tired of Raila Odinga.

Led by thousands of Jubilee bloggers, the supporters claim their patience is running out and that they want to see Uhuru in full control of this country. They argue that opposition leader has been given enough space to joke around and it’s now time to show him the undiplomatic side of jubilee.

While raising his voice, one jubilee supporter noted:

“Matamchi ya Raila sio mzuri.Tunaomba Uhuru Ajuapiche tarehe kumi na saba”.

The supporters say the world will not end if Raila is ignored and Uhuru is sworn in to complete his second term. They claim that Raila’s demands to the IEBC are unrealistic and that he is only interested in Nusu Mkate na nusu mkeka.

While Kenyans are allowed to raise their concerns, it’s now clear IEBC will reschedule election date, which is due on 26th October, 2017.But Raila has clarified that if his conditions to the IEBC are not met, election won’t happen as scheduled.