Best Health Affiliate Program to Make money Online



If you own health related blog, you can sign up for SellHealth affiliate program and earn up to 50 % of each sale.SellHealth is the best affiliate program for bloggers who own health related and entertainment blogs.

I will tell you why it’s important to join affiliate program as soon as today. You are using Google AdSense and it’s your primary source of income. You then discover one morning that your account has been disabled. If you don’t have plan B, you may die of heart attack. It’s, therefore, important to diversify your income and one of the many ways of having many income streams is to join affiliate programs.

One advantage of affiliate program is that you don’t have to sell every day, a single sell can be compared to 20 days Google AdSense income. Another advantage is, you are your own boss.

With SellHealth, you can make up to $10,000 per month especially if you concentrate on reviewing the company’s products.

How to join

To join the program, you simply sign up (sign up link) and wait for approval. Approval process takes at most two working days.

Once you have been approved, you will start reviewing the company’s products. If one of your readers buys a product from the company, you will be paid commissions that range between 30% and 60 %.Most products cost $180 to  $400,which means if you refer a client, who ends up purchasing a product that costs $400,you are likely to earn $200.Asuming in one month your refer 3 clients, you will earn up to $600.If the same client continue purchasing the products, you will continue earning commissions until he stops purchasing.

Sign up today and start earning money!!!

Before I conclude, I would like to make a point: You don’t have to own a website to promote SellHealth products. If you have a popular Facebook page, a Twitter account or WhatsApp group, you will share a link and earn money.