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HTC Desire 10 Pro is the Trending Smartphone in Kenya This Week. Here are prices and Features



The demand of HTC Desire 10 Pro has soured and it’s one of the most sought smartphones in Kenya. The smartphone costs Ksh 27,399 and is sold at Jumia, Kilimall, Safaricom shops and several shops within Nairobi.

HTC Desire 10 Pro was unveiled in 2016 and has since been sold to more than 1 million customers. The major reason many people are rushing to own this phone is its camera, but there are other reasons which are the main attraction for buyers. The smartphone has 64GB internal memory,20 Megapixel camera,4GB RAM and it’s a dual SIM Card phone.

From the features above, you will notice few smartphones would match this particular phone. Just look at the RAM, Camera and internal memory…awesome!

By the way I own this smartphone and it’s excellent. I particularly like its size and the processor. I also like how fast I surf the internet—it’s blazing fast.

Here is where I bought it (Purchase link)

You can order and get it delivered to your home or office.If you don’t like it,you are allowed to cancel the order.