Best Online Short Courses for Statisticians and Data Analysts


Best Online Short Courses for Statisticians and Data Analysts

If you are a statistician or Data Analyst, you are required additional skills so as to improve your performance. There are several online short courses that are essential for you, especially if you lack advanced skills in data analysis and statistical modeling. Here we are going to advise on the best courses to pursue online and where the courses are offered.

To be a statistician, you have to know how to manipulate data with Excel pivot table. Research shows that more than 80 % of data analysts lack this essential skills.If you are one of them,you should enroll for an online course, where you are given a certificate after successful completion.

The first course in our list is Excel pivot tables. Here is where to pursue the program (Program link)

R Programming Language

The second course to do online if you are a statistician is,R Programming language.Since R is an open source program,many companies are shifting their attention from traditional softwares to this program.As a result,those who possess a certificate in R are easily absorbed into research institutions.

The online training will equip you with skills on how to manipulate data using R,how to model data and data management skills.

As a statistician,it’s extremely important to enroll for this program ,and moreso students.

The program is offered by Udemy and here is the link(R Programming link)

Data Visualization

Data visualization is one of the most challenging areas for statisticians. Enrolling for this course will provide you with essential skills on how to perform data mining and the best way to visualize your data given several scenarios.

As a statistician, if you don’t know how to do data mining and how to visualize your data, chances of surviving in a competitive environment are slim. Here we advise you to learn the skills as soon as today. For those interested, here is the link to the course (Data visualization course)

Advanced PowerPoint

Another course you should consider pursuing is Advance PowerPoint. This course will help you understand how to perform presentation through PowerPoint and how best to convey information.

The program costs $200 and is intensive. Once you are through, the institution offering it will give you a certificate, which you will present to the employer whenever need be.

Here is the link to the course (PowerPoint link)

Apart from these courses,you should consider pursuing GIS and remote sensing courses,as well as monitoring and evaluation course.