This is The Right Time To Buy Land in Kenya—They are Cheap



If you want to buy land in Kenya, this is the right time, before elections are held.

I think you have realized most Kenyans are broke and companies are registering low sales. If you have money you want to spend on land, please buy as soon as today to avoid being exploited after elections are over.

What I have noticed over the past one month is that prices of land have stagnated which is as a result of political tension. Though some Kenyans have taken advantage of this, majority are not keen to buy even the cheapest plot. Let me give you one secret. If you have Ksh 200,000-Ksh 2 million, just buy one to five plots and leave them idle. Wait until next year March and sell them, you will make more than Ksh100,000 from a single plot.

Assuming you have Ksh 500,000 you want to purchase a car,you better shelve the plan and turn to an asset that don’t depreciate. Right now plots are cheap,I don’t see why you can buy something that depreciates and leave a property that is worth the price.

For those who are not sure which company sells genuine plots, we have a list of companies where to buy a plot without doubts. Here is a link(Plots link)