I Wanted To Register My Domain Name But I am Stuck



“I wanted to register my domain name but I am stuck. It happened that I had contacted someone to do a website for me but after I had paid him $200 to design the website, he told me that I must have a domain name and a hosting company before he designs a website for me.I have tried to search information online on how to register a domain but I am stuck. You advise will greatly help me”


I will go straight to steps to follow when you are registering a domain.

The first step is to identify a company where you will purchase a domain name.I suggest Bluehost

On the Bluehost website, click on hosting. You will see a drop down menu where you will select domains.You will be directed to a window that appears as below.

In the above window,type the domain name you wish to register for your website.If you find the domain name is not available,try another one,another one until you get a domain name that is available.After you have reached this step,proceed to buy the name and hosting plan.We suggest that you pay for the cheapest shared hosting plan,which costs less than $3.50 per month.

If you find the process hard,contact us through [email protected]