Jumia Kenya Has a Promotion Dubbed ‘Price Hero’. This Is How to Earn Free money from the Promotion.



Jumia is running a promotion dubbed ‘price hero’.The promotion is running from October 2,2017 to October 8,2017 where prices of most of their products are reduced significantly.

The e-commerce company has a selected number of items which are selling at the best price in the entire Kenyan market. The offer is in such a way that no company sells their products cheaper than Jumia and if there is any,Jumia promises to pay whoever discovers that 2 times the net difference in prices.

Now,if you are fond of purchasing products from Jumia,write down a list of items that are sold by Jumia under the ‘price hero’ section. Move around shops within town to determine whether there is any shop that has priced their products lower than Jumia.If you get one, call Jumia to inform them about the discovery. You will then earn free money.

You can see the prices of price hero products here