Why I am Not Making money from My Affiliate Program



If you have joined affiliate marketing and you aren’t making money, you aren’t alone—there are a million others who have the same experience. It’s not strange you aren’t making money, it occurs often, especially when you are new to affiliate marketing.

Assuming you joined Kilimall affiliate program last month and since then you haven’t made money, here are mistakes you are making.

  1. You don’t own a website

If you are consistently sharing affiliate links on Facebook and Twitter, chances of one of the members buying a product through the links are minimal. Social media has very poor conversation rate. Statistics show that out of 5,000 people who click on the links, only 1 can purchase a product. The reason for this is that in social media, you don’t give somebody a reason to buy the product, implying that those who click are simply not interested to purchase.

It’s advisable that as you join any affiliate program, develop a website and post articles about promoting your affiliate program products. Any person who searches for that information is a potential customer .If your blog becomes popular, the conversion rate will skyrocket.

  1. You don’t have traffic

You can’t earn money without traffic. If your blog is few months old, you have to build it until the time it receives at least 500 visitors per day so as to expect money from the affiliate program. The more traffic the blog receives the higher your chances of earning more. And remember, you will only make money from affiliate marketing if products are sold.

If your blog is not growing, you can use SEMrush tool to promote it

  1. You are promoting wrong products

Most bloggers tend to promote products with high commissions. In most cases, they get disappointed as the products are not purchased.

It’s important to pick the right affiliate program, which you are sure has a good reputation and a respectable brand. If you choose the wrong affiliate program, you will make no cash and eventually quit the race.

  1. It’s not the right season

In every niche there is a purchasing pattern and season for spending spree. You may join a program that is good but because it’s not the appropriate season for people to purchase the product, you will start running out of patience. For instance, people travel during festive season and holidays. Assuming you join Jumia Travel affiliate program, or booking.com in the month of April, you will experience ‘drought’. But if you join the program in December, you will earn good money.

  1. No targeted traffic

A blog in the entertainment niche will have low conversion rate for web hosting affiliate programs, same to a blog in electronics niche. To avoid being in this fix, your blog must have targeted traffic.