Best Web hosting Companies for WordPress sites


Best Web hosting Companies for WordPress sites

If you have a WordPress site, it’s better to do thorough research to determine the best hosting company that can meet your site demands. In my five year experience with WordPress sites, I have learnt several lessons, which I wish to share.

When I started this online business, I was completely new to hosting. It’s my friend who referred me to the first web hosting company, which later become a thorn in my flesh. This was after they frustrated me until I decided to move some of my sites to Bluehost.What happened in that hosting company is, one day I wrote a viral article and within 1 hour of posting it, it had received over 30,000 views. When the hosting company’s servers got overstretched, my website was suspended. I lost 2-day revenue….sad. I later contacted the company, who later informed me that my site had exhausted resources allocated hence the suspension. That statement literary drained my blood.

Since I didn’t want to annoy my friend who referred me to the company, I decided to stick with them..but another tragedy struck me.Two months later, I tried to login to my WordPress site but I got the following message, “error in database connection”. After I contacted my host, they told me my site was the issue. They suggested that I purchase their dedicated server plan. After soul searching, I decided I must seek better alternatives. That was the time I moved my sites to Bluehost.

I purchased a shared hosting package, which cost me $270 per year. I also migrated my domains to Bluehost.

In Bluehost, I felt at home, until now ,but there’s something I wanted in a hosting company, a company that would guarantee 100% uptime and blazing loading speed.Bluehost has everything a website owner wants but one disadvantage is that loading speed of sites hosted there can’t compare with Kinsta.Later, when one of my sites went viral, I decided to migrate it to Kinsta,but then I left some sites with Bluehost.

The meat of this story is that, when selecting the best Worpress hosting company, consider not the price but loading speed and uptime. I overlooked the price and went for loading speed and percentage of uptime guaranteed. When I was making this decision, I knew my sites would occasionally receive traffic spikes, which require powerful servers. I had read somewhere, from a popular blogger that Kinsta servers can sustain simultaneous hits of up to 5,000 views per second. What motivated me further was the fact that Kista was using Google technology, which guaranteed blazing loading speed and better SEO.

I have been with Kinsta for almost a year and I can confirm the company is tops. Even when they make a mistake, they promptly apologize and fix the problem immediately.

Each day, I receive emails and calls from bloggers who want to know where I host my websites. Due to my honest reviews, they have migrated their sites to Kinsta

What surprises me is that Kinsta staff know each website owner by name. When you contact them, even before you mention your problem, they will tell you the answer.The company focuses on serious websites only,those that can afford at least $100 per month,but they have made sure whoever migrates their sites to the company does not have a reason to move away. None of the website owners has moved his site out of Kinsta—it’s like a trap.

In my own opinion, if you have a Worpress site you want to migrate to a hosting company that will guarantee 100% satisfaction,Kinsta is the company(you can check their services through this link) .If your website is small, you can choose shared hosting plan at bluehost(website link) or Liquidweb(website link)