Effects of Negative Online Review on a Company


Effects of Negative Online Review on a Company

Every individual owning a company would wish to develop a world-class brand with excellent reputation, but sometimes this vision might be thrashed by negative online reviews. There is nothing as damaging as negative online reviews. This is a message I received last week and I thought I should share with you.

Three months ago, I wrote an article about a specific company. The article was featured the products this particular company sells. I thought I knew the company better since I occasionally consume their products. After I had posted the article, several readers commented, but there is one comment that caught my eyes. This comment goes like this.

“The company has rude staff. I bought a ticket from them and after I had paid, they promised to deliver the service to me within 2 days. To date, I haven’t heard from them. When I tried to contact their customer service, they hanged on me”.

This comment went public and what followed shocked me.Several comments followed, most of them with negative reviews. Within an hour, the post had received 20 negative comments about the company. The results were devastating on the side of the company in question.

If you own a company, you should be regularly monitoring online reviews. As you are aware, millions of people go online to search for information before they buy specific products. If they find even a single negative review about a particular company, they will never buy from them. If they get more positive reviews about a company, they will automatically purchase their products.

Now, assuming you discover a blog with negative reviews about your company, what would you do?!!The solution is to contact the blogger and inform him about the issue. Request him to pull down the post. You can go ahead to pay him to write positive review about your company. Secondly, try to find out what prompted the negative review and fix it.

Top companies around the world spend millions on sponsored posts. They pay top bloggers to write good reviews about their services. This is because they know the value of such articles. It’s estimated that out of 10 people who purchase products from a company, 6 heard about the company through online reviews, which explains the power of this promotional method.

If you have a small company that you want to grow, the only way to accelerate the growth is through online reviews—pay as many people as possible to write good stuff about your services, and you will see the impact over time.

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