How to Earn Money from Kilimall Through WhatsApp?


If you have WhatsApp account,you can make use of it to earn money from Kilimall affiliate program. What you should do is, copy the Kilimall affiliate link and paste it on your WhatsApp page or account.Share is with your friends on WhatsApp. You can also use Kilimall affiliate banners as your profile photo such that when someone clicks on it, he will be directed to Kilimall page.

For those who aren’t aware what Kilimall affiliate program is, this is a program where you promote kilimall products and earn money through commissions. The program is available in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. You are required to join the program through this link(Sign up link).Once you have joined, you will be supplied with banners and links which you will use to promote the company’s products. There are many ways of promoting the products. They include, through Facebook, Twitter, WhatSapp or a blog. The most effective is a blog with targeted traffic.