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How ConvetKit Will Help you Gain more Customers and Sales


How ConvetKit Will Help you Gain more Customers and Sales

There are many ways of getting customers, especially if it involves online marketing. In today’s world, marketing has changed and it doesn’t require individuals to move from one office to the other in search of custmers.Email marketing has revolutionized everything and is  now widely applied by small, medium and giant companies.

ConvertKit is now the tool most companies are using. The email marketing tool helps companies to send thousands of emails to customers at once. This mostly happens when a company has new products that it wants to introduce to their customers. For instance, if you own an e-commerce company and you have a new phone in your store, you would want over 300,000 of your email subscribers to know more about the new phone. The easiest way is to use the ConvertKit email subscription to send a single email to all your subscribers.

The importance of this marketing tool is that once you send the information, out of your 300,000 subscribers,100,000 will be interested,10,000 will contact you,1,000 will purchase the phone. This is possible because the subscribers have a common interest.

Assuming you have a blog that you want to become viral. One of the methods to use is to sign up to the email subscription tool. The tool will enable readers to subscribe and receive emails whenever you post content. Once your readers receive the email, they will share the information with their friends and eventually lead to the growth of your blog.

What is the cost of the ConvertKit tool

The ConvertKit tool costs $29-$79 per month…very cheap.But you are allowed free subscription for one week. To subscribe, here is the link(subscription link)