Raila to Boycott Elections…He Has Left for UK



Opposition leader Raila Odinga is expected to boycott the anticipated elections.

Sources close to Raila intimate to us that the NASA presidential candidate has made a decision to boycott the elections after he sensed the playground won’t be fair. He has already left for UK, where he will stay for at least 3 weeks before he returns to the country.

If he fails to participate, the elections will be postponed to a later date and Uhuru Kenyatta will continue serving as the President of Kenya, but the economy of the country will continue to suffer.

Following the news that Raila won’t participate in the elections, IEBC is expected to hold a crisis meeting to discuss the irreducible minimum reforms the former Prime Minister had requested to be delivered. The electoral body will be forced to do the reforms and beg Raila to come back before the election date.