Best Lenovo Core i3 Laptops in Kenya and Prices


Best Lenovo Core i3 Laptops in Kenya and Prices

Lenovo Laptops are not among rare laptops in Kenya. Each day thousands of

Kenyans go online to check which among Lenovo laptops, particularly Core i3, are the best. We make it our business to selectively present to you the type of laptops that are worth your budget.

Though you have the option of buying Lenovo Core i5, most of the laptops in this level are priced above Ksh45, 000, which means you must forego some meals to afford one. But since you need at least a laptop that can perform basic data analysis, store documents and stream videos, Lenovo Core i3 is a good deal.

What exactly do you look at in a laptop before you make a decision to buy one? Before you buy any laptop, make sure you check the memory capacity, processor, storage capacity and the brand. You should also be careful on where to make your purchase-if you make a mistake of buying from the street, you may take home a stolen property. We encourage you to buy from big brands like Jumia, Kilimall, Safaricom,PC World and Ebrahim Electronics.

Here is a list of best Lenovo Core i3 to buy in Kenya

Lenovo 110-15ISK Laptop

Lenovo 110-15ISK Laptop costs Ksh 30,000-Ksh36,000 and is sold by almost every shop that deals with laptops in Nairobi. The laptop has 4GB RAM, storage capacity of 1TB and 15.6 display.

The best thing you would like about this laptop is the storage capacity and processor speed. With Ksh33,000-Ksh 35,000,you will get it from Jumia through this link(Jumia laptop link)

The laptop comes with a one year warranty.

Lenovo Ideapad 320-15ISK

Lenovo Ideapad 320-15ISK has a powerful battery,storage capacity of 1TB and 4GB RAM .Most people find themselves buying this Lenovo laptops because it can function as perfectly as a Lenovo Core i5 laptop.

This laptop costs Ksh33,000 to Ksh 37,000.In Jumia,it goes for less than Ksh 36,000.In Safaricom,you will get it by at least Ksh1,000 more.

To order from Jumia,you can follow this link(Jumia laptop link)