Things Every Man should Do before Age 30



At age 30,a man is 5 years shy of being called a senior citizen. At age 30,a man should be in a position to look and appear his age but this will only happen if he does the following.

  1. Be in a stable relationship/Marriage

At age 30, the society expects a man to be in a stable relationship or happily married. At this age, he has sinned enough and is now ready to settle down.

  1. Invest

Any man, as soon as he crosses age 18, is expected to start saving. At age 30,he should be proud to tell his friends, “this is my property”. It doesn’t have to be a mega investment, but as long as he owns something, it’s well and good.

  1. Not living with his parents

It’s laughable if you are above age 30 and still living with your mother. Any man of your age should be at least living in his rented apartment or in his own house.

Assuming you have a girlfriend, would you bring her to your mother’s house?!!How will you even sleep with your girlfriend in a room adjacent to your mother’s bedroom?

  1. Be responsible and mature

Nobody expects a 30-year-old to start behaving like a teenager. At age 30 you should be able to differentiate between good and bad. At this age, several people look up to you for advise, so it’s upon you to behave.

  1. Be educated

At age 30 you should be at least hold advanced certificate,i.e certificate,diploma,undergraduate or postgraduate degree. If you lazy around and expect to get rich, you will be shocked how miserable your life will turn to be after age 30.

If you fail in high school, you have several opportunities to study for attractive courses online. There are numerous training institutions online, which include Coursera.You can see the courses they offer (Coursera courses)

  1. Own a business/be in a stable job

Another thing the society expects to see in a 30-year-old is a man in a stable job or at least busy pursing his business interests. At age 30, even your most trusted friends will desert you if they realize you are good for nothing.