Best Small Laptop for Meetings and Conferences in Kenya


Best Small Laptop for Meetings and Conferences in Kenya

When attending meetings and conferences, you don’t need a big and heavy laptop, what you need is a small but durable laptop. ILIFE Zed Air Mini is one of the most sought after Notebooks in Kenya. As we speak, the notebook has been sold by Jumia to over 2,000 people.

ILIFE Zed Air Mini is about ¾ the size of a normal laptop but contains all the features of an advanced laptop. The most basic features of the notebook are,but not limited to, Intel Quad Core 1.8 Ghz , 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD , Windows 10 and 32GB + 100GB Cloud storage.

The notebook has an elegant look, which is ideal for high level meetings and conferences. The fact that it’s Wondows 10 makes it even more appealing to anyone intending to purchase a small laptop.

In this era, you don’t have to carry a big laptop which everyone will notice, what you need is a laptop that you can comfortably carry without feeling the weight.

Assuming you have several employees you want to acquire a cheap laptop for them, this particular notebook can serve them well. The good thing is that it costs Ksh 12, 999, which is an ideal budget for a regular citizen.

If you are interested to know more about this notebook, here is the link(Notebook link)