How to Make Extra Money While Studying in College or University in Kenya


How to Make Extra Money While Studying in College or University in Kenya

The primary reason you are studying in college/university is to earn a living afterwards, but while you are chasing your dream, it’s possible to realize it while in college, and this can be achieved by looking at various ways to make an extra coin. In this article, we shall provide tips on how to make extra money while pursuing your college studies.

  1. Owning a printer/photocopy and scanner

The most common business in our colleges and universities involve printing, scanning and photocopy machine. The capital for this business ranges between Ksh20, 000 to Ksh 50,000.

If you don’t have enough money, you can start with a photocopy machine later purchase a printer and finally a scanner. A photocopy machine costs less than Ksh 10,000.You can see the price through this link (Photocopy and printer link)

  1. Sell movies

The second business to do in college is selling movies. What you need is where to source the movies- you can download them online then burn into CDs and DVDs.

You will discover that this business is not as ordinary as we think-profits are in thousands.

Start a blog

If you are a journalist student or you have a passion in blogging, you can start a blog and start making decent money online. Starting a blog requires between Ksh10, 000 and Ksh20,000 and once you have it you can make endless passive income. Once you have a blog, there is nothing that can stop you from making money, and if you already have a blog, you can sign up for MGID and start making money. Here is a  link

Venas News has helped thousands of Kenyans, including students, to start their own blogs. Our work is to help you register a domain name, build a website and to show you how to earn from the blog…but this comes with a cost, which we explained above. The entire process costs Ksh 15,000-Ksh20, 000.Once you have the capital, the next step is to grow the blog and make easy money. Our contacts are [email protected]

Before I move to the next step, I would like to encourage anyone with a passion in blogging not to waste time. The best time to develop a blog is while you are in college. Once you complete your studies, you may waste years with the hope of securing employment…and as you know, jobs are scarce in the country.

Selling Kilimall and Jumia products on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram

If you have a Facebook account, you can join Kilimall or Jumia affiliate programs and start earning money. If you are popular in Facebook/Twitter, you will find yourself making thousands of shillings from the two companies. What is needed is for you to sign up to the programs and start sharing links to Jumia or kilimall websites. To sign up, here is the link (Kilimall affiliate link)