Where you are hosting your website determines your Blog Ranking


Where you are hosting your website determines your Blog Ranking

Did you know why your blog ranking is low? Blame it on your web hosting company, and this is how it affects the website ranking.

Most companies/blogs prefer to spend less in web hosting services in a bid to save more from their income. Statistics show that 90% of publishers are not willing to spend more than $200 per year. This is the reason ‘cheap web hosting company’ is the most searched word among bloggers. While this is the case, majority whose websites receive high volumes of traffic end up changing hosting companies from time to time.

In blogging, you start by searching the long tail keyword ‘cheap web hosting company’, then move to ‘best web hosting company’, and finally decide to move your site to managed WordPress Hosting Company. This cycle happens because it’s hard to find a web hosting company that satisfies all your blog needs.

The tragic reality of cheap web hosting companies is that the companies are more focused on making more profits than providing quality services for customers. The most common thing these companies do is to have thousands of websites in a single server. In this case, your website will be forced to share resources with a thousand other websites. Once they have done so, they ensure no website exceeds allocated resources. To ensure resource usage is efficient, they instruct the servers to suspend websites that exceed allocated resources. This is the reason when you write a viral post, your traffic will be cut to zero immediately your site exceeds the resources it’s allocated. Once your site experiences downtime, it’s ranking drops.

For your site to rank higher and higher over time, you should find a web hosting company that guarantees 100% uptime, high blog loading speed and virus free.It’s rare to find such web hosting companies but there are few which are dedicated to provide such efficient services.Currently,Kinsta is ranked number one in terms of website loading speed and guaranteed uptime. Most established bloggers, including me, have migrated their sites from other webhosting companies to Kinsta (you can learn more about the company here)

Kinsta offers managed web hosting services for established blogs. Their servers have a speed of Google, which is the fastest globally. The company ensures that your website continue being live even after it exceeds resources, implying that the idea of a website being suspended does not arise. What they do to achieve this is to charge you extra $1 for every extra 1gb of bandwidth your site utilizes. This is way better than suspending a site. With this arrangement, your site will always rank better than your opponents’ sites.

When you are focusing on succeeding in blogging, you have to spend more so as to earn less; don’t expect to earn $1000 per month while you are spending $10 on hosting. If your income is $1000,you should spend at least $50 on hosting.

If your budget is $20-$50,you can start by hosting at Liquidweb,then later move your site to a dedicated server(here is the amount liquidweb charges)