How to Improve Your AdSense income to $1,000 Per Month


How to Improve Your AdSense income to $1,000 Per Month

Most bloggers use AdSense as the primary source of income. But it gets disappointing when the income is too low that it can’t sustain your livelihood. In such a case, you have to look for ways of improving the income. If you are in this situation, here are practical ways to improve your income to over $1,000

  1. Change your Blog Niche

Many factors contribute to the amount of money you earn from AdSense. One of the major factors is your blog niche. If you are more focused on entertainment and politics, there are high chances your blog will generate less from AdSense. These two topics have extremely low CPC due to the many blogs that major in the two niches. To ensure your blog increases it’s AdSense income to at least $1,000 per month, chance your niche to:

  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Donate
  • Real Estate
  • Web Hosting
  • Mortgages

Once you do that, you will notice a major shift in terms of AdSense earnings

  1. Improve SEO ranking

The second practical way to improve your AdSense earnings is to improve its SEO ranking. Make sure more than 60 % of the traffic comes from search engines and only less than 30 % comes from social media. It’s been proven traffic from social media attract low CPC while that from organic searches attracts high CPC.

How to increase organic traffic

In order to increase organic traffic, you should master the right keywords to use for your blog. People search information online through the use of keywords. Mastering the right keywords is the only way you can beat competitors to earn first position in keyword ranking. If you are poor in determining the right keywords, you can sign up for SEMrush  keyword tool(Sign up link).SEMrush allows you to use the tool for one month without paying any money, it’s free.Alternatively,you can sign up for Long Tail Keyword tool, which also is free for 15 days(Sign up link)

The moment your organic traffic increases to 60 % of your total traffic, you will start realizing a change in your AdSense income.

  1. Ad placement

Ad placement is extremely important in regards to AdSense income. In blogging, you have to frequently change ad locations to find the optimal locations. In the course of my blogging, I have come to realize the importance of ad placement. If you are reading this, please look at how I have placed my ads in this blog and do the same, you will notice a difference in your income.

  1. Change your WordPress Template

If you are using a free WordPress theme, this is the right time to change to a premium theme. A premium theme will cost you $59 but increase your income by over 300%.I confirmed this when I changed my theme from a free to a premium one. I purchased Newspaper Theme, which I am currently using. Immediately I integrated it with my content and adverts, my income rose by 500%.I purchased it from Theme forest (here is the link).Once you have opened the Themeforest, search for Newspaper Theme and fill in the details. It will take you minutes to buy the theme.

  1. Develop Authority blog

To develop authority blog, your content must be unique, unique in such a way that no blog in your niche ranks better than yours. The more you write unique content, the higher the chances of earning more from AdSense.

  1. Target traffic from UK,Europe,USA,Canada and Australia

Traffic from African countries, including India, has low CPC.If a large percentage of your blog traffic comes from Africa, you will experience low income. In order to increase the earnings, start to write content that is targeting UK, USA,Australia,Canada,Germany and UAE.With time, you will experience surge in income.

  1. integrate AdSense with other Native advertising networks.

Another easy way to increase your blog income is to integrate AdSense with Native Advertising Networks.I suggest you join MGID if your daily page views exceed 2,000.Here is a sign up link(MGID Sign Up Link)