This Why Supreme Court of Kenya May Cancel the October 26 Election



The Supreme Court of Kenya will have no other option but to cancel the October 26 election. This is as a result of IEBC’s failure to comply with the court order compelling it to include the name of Ekuru Aukot in the list of those to contest for the presidential seat.

In a memo signed by IEBC CEO,Ezra Chiloba confirmed that the KIEMC kits have only two names,Odinga and Kenyatta and that to configure the kits to accommodate other presidential candidates will take not less than three weeks.Mr Chiloba further confirmed that Aukot’s name won’t appear in the list of presidential candidates for the rerun.

“On 11 October the high court ordered the commission to include the name of Ekuru Aukot as candidate in the fresh presidential election to be held on October 26. The court also observed that indeed all candidates that participated in the August 8 presidential election were entitled to participate as candidates. Accordingly the commission has now gazetted seven candidates for the fresh presidential election. The commission has however resolved that the RTS will not be configured to accommodate new presidential candidates except for the original two owing to time constraints,” read part of the Memo

If IEBC goes ahead with this arrangement, NASA presidential candidate will proceed to the Supreme Court of Kenya. The court will be forced to nullify the results.

The only option for the IEBC is to postpone the elections to January 2018.