How I Started E-Commerce Business With Just Ksh10,000, I am Now Making Over Ksh1,000,000 Per Month


How I Started E-Commerce Business With Just Ksh10,000, I am Now Making Over Ksh1,000,000 Per Month

Three years ago I was a nobody but I had a host of Ideas I wanted to implement—e-commerce business was among the top in the list of my targeted ventures. Armed with my precious gift, brains, I started conducting research on pros and cons of each business-for close to six months my main work was to engage my brains and eyes to determine what could feed my family for generations.

My main hurdle was to find the correct information from those already in business. Each time I contacted someone with e-commerce store, they told me, “I am busy, I will call you later”. I am still waiting for them to call me.I even visited others in their shops, but majority were adamant to provide accurate information, majority of them discouraged me from joining the business, yet they were deeply engaged into the same. From that experience, I learnt most of us are physically human but spiritually irredeemable.

After a series of disappointment, I resolved not to engage anybody in my journey. I said to myself, “If I fail, at least I have tried, even God knows”.

In 2015,I  decided to visit dealers in electronics. My first stop was Computer Planet, who encouraged be a bit, next was PC World and later to other companies within Nairobi. By the time I was through, I had a rough idea of what I needed for me to start e-commerce store.

What these companies told me was that they were willing to sell to me on condition that I present a business proposal, which I should indicate how to market the products and the percentage of commission to share with them.

The next hurdle was how to market my products. I had tried to market some handbags I had purchased from Eastleigh on Facebook but the experience wasn’t one I wish to remember. Since I knew I would get all the information online,I decided to conduct a thorough research on how to develop my website and market the products. After getting recommendations from several blogs, I finally concluded BigCommerce was the best. I decided to contact the company and after interacting with them, they agreed to market my products for free for a month. I was excited.

That month I went to Family Bank, where I had saved Ksh 10,000.I withdrew the money, used some to develop and host a WooCommerce template I purchased from BigCommerce.I deposited the remaining amount with the electronics company that offered me a chance to list their products on my website.

In September 2015 my website was live and I was elated.

Initially,BigCommerce listed my products on e-Bay,Amazon and Pinterest.They also marketed them on Facebook and Twitter but after their offer elapsed I decided to pay $29,95 for them to market for me.Since then, the company has been marketing my products, I also share the links on my Facebook page.

Though the business struggled for about three months, It finally managed to pick up and grow tremendously after the 2015 Christmas.

By 2016 June my business turnover was Ksh500,000 and by December 2016,It had clocked Ksh 700,000.In 2017 it crossed the Ksh1 million mark but then the income slowed due to elections-but I believe after this elections, I will be able to surpass my targets.

What I have learnt over the course of my business, very few people would be willing to help you especially when you’re at your worst. Most people smile when things start looking up. Due to this experience, I have decided to keep as few friends as possible.

I would like to encourage whoever is interested to start e-commerce business not to fear the unknown-start from nowhere, of course you will make mistakes, at the end you will succeed. If you have electronics you want to market, contact BigCommerce through this link (BigCommerce contacts) and they will help you set up electronics online shop.